There are several ways you can market your listings via Social Media. For instance, you can share your 360° VR tour on Facebook in Step 3 (“Publish and Preview”) of the tour creation process.

However, Facebook does not allow the tour to directly show within Facebook. It merely displays your description, your link and a preview.

Display panoramas on Facebook to increase engagement

To increase user engagement, we suggest posting one of the panorama pictures of your property directly on Facebook.

Facebook automatically displays panorama pictures interactively meaning that the picture will rotate while the user is scrolling down in the feed. This is more eye-catching than a still image or even a video.

To upload a panorama picture click on “Create Post” either on the top of your feed or your page. Then choose “Photo/Video” and upload the panorama picture you want to display.


Next, include a nice description and don’t forget to include the link to the 360° VR tour. Moreover, you can choose the starting view of the panorama picture, tag us (@ogulousa), and your friends and choose to include your post in your News Feed and your Story.  Now you only need to “Share” your post.


Uploading panoramas of renderings

In case you want to upload a panorama of a rendering you need to edit some EXIF-data into the picture as rendering images come without this data. Facebook needs this data to display.

You can edit the EXIF data here. Simply upload your panorama and click Now enter Ricoh as the “Make” and “Ricoh THETA S” under Model (see screenshot below).

Next click “Go.EXIFing”, close the editor, and download your picture. Now your rendering can be uploaded to Facebook.

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