If you have never taken panorama pictures with a 360° camera it can seem quite hard. But with a few tips and tricks you will soon learn that it is actually quite easy and the results are great.

  1. Screw the camera on the monopod and put it on full height. It looks most natural to the viewer of your 360° VR tour if the pictures are shot at around head height.

  2. Place the monopod in the middle of the room. This allows you to capture the best view of every room.

  3. Leave the doors open when taking pictures. The whole tour will appear more welcoming for the viewers once you have created your 360° VR tour.

  4. Make sure you remove the curtains and turn on all lights. Even a small desk light can make a big difference. The pictures look more inviting and warmer.

  5. Use the HDR function of the camera. This means that the camera shoots many pictures with different light settings and creates one picture out of many. This leads to better lightning in the picture.

It is actually quite simple. If you follow these simple tricks your pictures will look magnificent.

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