After you add a custom label for a room and/or floor in your tour you can find your custom labels in your account.

For this, go to Settings and Tags in the menu. Here, you can manage the translations of the tags if needed, delete custom tags and add new tags.


Edit Tags

Just click on the label to edit your tag, enter translations or delete the tag by clicking on the bin.


Add new Tags

To add new tags, click on “New Tag” in the upper right corner and choose if you want to create a new floor or room.


Now enter the tag and translations if needed. Also choose the default language which is used in case the viewer of the tour does not use a language for which you have provided a translation.

In the example below, a French, Spanish, or Italian user would see the English version of the tag “Example Floor” as this is the default value.


Ogulo Tip

When you have multilingual customers it makes sense to translate your tags to provide the best user experience for them.

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