In the last step of the tour creation process (“Publish & Preview”) you can choose the settings of your 360° VR tour.

You can choose to activate the following functions for this tour:

  • Measurement Tool – activates the possibility for the visitor to measure any distances in the tour.

  • Logo – if activated your company logo is shown in the upper right corner of the tour.

  • VR-Button – gives the visitor the possibility to activate the Virtual Reality function. This allows the visitor to view the tour through VR glasses.

  • Fullscreen – allows to view the tour in fullscreen mode.

  • Autorotation (without position switching) – if the visitor is not moving around the 360° VR tour, the panorama picture will slowly rotate clockwise.

  • Automatic Position Switching – if activated the visitor will automatically be moved to the next room once a panorama picture has rotated around itself.

  • Navigation Arrows – if you have chosen the tour design 1, this will give the visitor some extra navigation arrows to move around in your VR tour.

  • Music – here you can set the background music for the tour. Currently, we have 4 predefined options.


Please be aware, that these settings will only be reflected in the tour you are editing. All of your other tours will be unaffected by these choices.

Ogulo tip

With the help of the measurement tool visitors can already try to fit their favorite furniture into the rooms of the property you want to sell. This already creates an emotional bond between the visitor and the property you want to sell thus, increasing the likelihood of a sale.
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