Unlike Facebook, Instagram currently does not have an integrated 360° viewing environment at the present time.

However, there are other creative ways to share 360° pictures on Instagram which create a similar engaging experience for the users.

Split a panorama into multiple pictures

Use an app to split panorama pictures into multiple pictures (such as Panora for iOS or Panorama Crop for Android). Instagram’s carousel feature allows the user to swipe through multiple pictures in a single post. This allows the viewer to explore a panorama picture of your property in much more detail. On top of that, the swiping offers a truly interactive and engaging experience.

Screen capture a walk-through of your 360° VR tour

Use (free) screen capture software (such as Quick Time Player for Mac) to create a short video while you navigate through your 360° VR tour. Try to keep the video relatively short (Instagram allows videos between 3 and 60 seconds in length) and use smooth and slow movements to ensure a pleasant viewing experience.

Don’t forget to share the full link of your tour in the description of your post.

Ogulo tip

Next to Instagram you can use the same clip to market your property on Facebook or other (video) platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo, and even your website.

Play around with the perspective of the panorama

If you use the Ricoh Theta App (iOS or Android) to shoot panorama pictures you can get creative with the picture (change the angle, zoom in or zoom out) and take a screenshot of this view which you can then post to Instagram.

There are many more creative ways to showcase your 360° VR tours or panorama images on Social Media platforms such as Instagram. Whatever you come up with, don’t forget to tag us @ogulousa.

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